About Us

Dr. Gurudas Chu has been a licensed Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida since 2009.  After spending five years at the University of South Florida majoring in Biomedical Science as well as Business Administration, he decided to pursue the study of Chinese Medicine with a special focus on acupuncture in 2005.  Even though he gained much knowledge in the Chinese System of Medicine, he knew and felt that what he received in school was not “complete” for he has never believed that chasing symptoms was the correct way to heal.  This eventually led him to seek out traditional and non-mainstream forms of acupuncture after graduating.  It was during this time in which he also discovered that what is currently being taught in Chinese Medicine schools is a modern and watered-down version system which is slowly being converted into becoming more and more allopathic in nature.

After years of searching, Dr. Gurudas found the wonderful system of Yi Jing.  Although it still has elements of being symptomatic in its diagnosis and application, Dr. Gurudas embraced this system because it was much closer to the traditional way of practicing acupuncture than what he had learned in school.  However, because Dr. Gurudas was also spiritually awakening at the same time he was studying Chinese Medicine, he found himself still yearning for a form or system acupuncture that could address not just the physica, mental, and emotional levels of a person but, more importantly, the deeper levels of a person; the spiritual.  This yearning was the result of passionate studies of spiritual texts as well as the practice of an ancient science of meditation which have allowed him to realize that true healing can only take place at the level of one’s spirit for he believes that we are spirits with bodies, and not bodies with spirits.

Like the saying, “the teacher will come when the student is ready,” Dr. Gurudas finally found what what he had been looking for when he decided to pursue the study of Classical Five Element Acupuncture with Neil Gumenick in Santa Monica, California.  He, quite frankly, did not know much about this particular system prior to enrolling but something deep inside was guiding him.   As soon as he started immersing himself into this system, he immediately fell in love with its simple, elegant, complete, and very effective approach while it focuses on truly healing a person from the inside out.  He found home.

Dr. Gurudas still continues to travel to different cities to sharpen his skills of diagnosis as well as treatment.  He has performed well over 25,000 patient treatments in his 11-year career thus far and has gained exposure to many different types of illnesses.  He has been fortunate enough to have been a part of numerous “miracles” in many people’s lives.  For this, he is very grateful.

And, on a more personal level, Dr. Gurudas deeply enjoys being with his wife, Jia, and three children, Rysun, Sita, and Aing.  He is a sincere spiritual seeker who keeps a daily practice of Kriya Yog(a), Surya Yog(a), and Taijiquan (Tai Chi).  He also enjoys traveling, eating, cooking, being surrounded by nature, and learning new things.  One of his biggest goals in life is to completely be the change he wants to see in the world.


We are conveniently located in Wesley Chapel, which is reasonably close to Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Zephyrhills, Odessa, Tampa, Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Brooksville, San Antonio, Dade City