Healing After Surgery

Three months after my surgery, the healing of my ankle had not progressed and modern medicine had no explanation. So I contacted Classical Acupuncture Healing and started treatments for Chromotherapy (Crystal Bed) and Acupuncture. After only 1 month of treatment (total of 1 acupuncture session and 2 Chromatherapy sessions) with the X-ray results, the doctor was impressed to see a significant improvement because, according to him, the only possibility was a bone graft. Two months after the start of the treatments I was able to walk again with both my feet. Having known, I would have started my treatments with Classical Acupuncture Healing right after my surgery and saved 2 months on crutches. Thanks to Dr. Gurudas Chu for saving me a second operation.

Luc Langevin, eng. MBA

Before TreatmentAfter Treatment

I Am Very Thankful

I have been suffering from multiple issues for 4 years with no real answer to what the problem was. I met Dr. Ryan a year ago and immediately got relief. I am very thankful for everything he has done and continues to do. He has a way to figure out exactly what needs to be corrected. He also has a great personality.

MM, Tampa

I Can Not Thank You Enough


I can not thank you enough for the life changing treatment you have given me. The acupuncture treatment I have received has not only changed my life but my entire families’ life. I injured my back seven years ago when I fell while hiking in the mountains of Tennessee. Since the accident, I have had two major and thirty minor surgeries. I have seen several surgeons and have been treated by three different pain doctors over this time. During my treatment with the numerous pain doctors, I was treated with a large amount of pain killers and RFA (radio frequencies) nerve burnings. Before my two major surgeries three years ago, I was only able to drive short distances normally less than thirty minutes, I was unable to ride a bike with my kids, play catch with my kids, and unable to visit Disney World without the help of an electric wheelchair. My life, along with my families’ life have changed so much. Six months prior to my accident I became a Stay-at-home Dad for my, at the time, three year old son and six month old daughter. With my injuries, this had been the most difficult time of my life. I was unable to perform normal, everyday activities with my family. I had pretty much given up hope that I would never be able to coach my son’s baseball team, go on a family bike ride, or any other normal family activities until the day I saw your office. I was rehabbing across the parking lot when I noticed your office. I was not familiar with acupuncture. I am so glad I decided to walk through your front door and speak to you all about how acupuncture might be able to help my condition. Pain relief started about two months after the start of treatment since that time. Since that time, my pain level has decreased with every treatment. Due to my pain relief, my kids (now 11and 8) are seeing a side of me they cannot remember seeing. I am going on bike rides with my family, helping coach my kids’ baseball and softball teams, and even playing tennis again. My kids can not believe, as they state, our new dad and my wife can not believe she has her husband back. If not for you and your office, I would still be living a very inactive lifestyle, taking numerous pain meds, and spending thousands of dollars on all the surgeries. I would like to personally say thank you for all of the care you have given me. I know my wife thanks you, and I especially would like to say thank you from my kids whom I play with everyday.

Thank you so much.

– Jim Young

I Have Energy Again!

In December of 2012, I ended up in the hospital for a week. My red and white blood counts were low, my liver functioning was steadily decreasing, my thyroid was low, I had intense muscle pains all over my body, fevers of 103 degrees, walking 5 feet was an obstacle that left me out of breath, it even got to the point where I couldn’t lift my own body without help. I remember something as simple as a daily shower would leave me so tired that I would sleep for hours after taking one. I was diagnosed with lupus in 2008, however, the doctors had no idea what was the cause of all my problems. Their solution was to put me on a high dose of prednisone (a steroid taken too long can lead to serious side effects) and a thyroid medication for hyperthyroidism; I was to cross my fingers that it would work. My parents thought it would be a good idea to try alternative routes and had heard of the many benefits of acupuncture.

In February 2013, I began acupuncture. At this point I was still in very bad shape; I still had difficulty walking and doing normal tasks, and blood work was nowhere near normal. I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical of acupuncture. Ask your typical western medicine doctor and most will tell you to beware of the “crazy” alternative doctors/therapies. However, I was desperate and the doctors didn’t seem to know how to help, so what could it hurt? I began with what I consider “normal” acupuncture, in the sense that they put needles in certain places to help with certain things. I began to slowly feel better and to slowly regain strength and energy. The changes were very slow and I honestly did not know if it was from the acupuncture, all the medication I was on, or just time.

It wasn’t until I began treatment of Five Elements Acupuncture with Ryan that I began to notice drastic increases in my energy, mood, and overall health. The great thing about this type of therapy is that it focuses on a person’s overall being: mind, body, and soul. After beginning Five Elements Acupuncture I looked forward to my daily visits; I always felt better after my sessions and feeling good was something I had not felt for many months. There were times where I thought that me feeling better was all in my head, almost like a placebo effect, however, my blood work results spoke for itself. My white and blood cell counts steadily increased, and though they are still lower than what is considered normal, they are higher than they have ever been in the last four years (I am confident that with my continued sessions it will soon be in the normal range). Not only did my blood counts rise, but my liver is back to normal, and many other elements of my blood that were too high/low are back to normal levels. Throughout treatment I have gradually taken less and less doses of the medications I was on while maintaining a good level of health and energy (I hope to be off medication entirely). I have energy again! Before treatment I felt like an 80 year old lady, my body ached, my bones hurt, I was just tired all the time. After a few months of treatment I’ve started to feel closer to what a 22 year old should feel like. I still have my ups and downs, I still get my occasional aches and pains, but like anything it’s a work in progress. Five Elements Therapy won’t “fix” you over night, it’s a gradual process but in my opinion it has helped me very much. I would honestly recommend Five Elements Therapy (and Ryan) to anyone.

– Bianca Augusto

All without harmful medication!!

I have been seeing Dr. Ryan Chu on a regular basis for nearly two years now.  I admit that I was skeptical that acupuncture could help me.  But when I started getting migraines 2-4 times a week, I got desperate.  My regular doctor told me to take migraine Excedrin.  And because I work on a computer for eight hours a day, I started getting carpal tunnel and tennis elbow.  The doctor said to take ibuprofen.  I left her office thinking I would be taking some form of aspirin every day.  That seemed excessive to me.  That’s when God blessed me with Dr. Ryan!  He has helped me with: (1) migraines  (2) tennis elbow  (3) carpal tunnel  (4) back/neck muscle tension  (5) swollen salivary gland  (6) hot flashes  (7) blood pressure  (8) mood swings  (9) hives  (10) sleep issues  (11) smoking cessation.   All without harmful medication!!

I would highly recommend that you give Dr. Ryan an honest try.  My heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Ryan, for all your help!


Margaret Page

Miracles Do Happen

I started seeing Dr. Ryan two years ago for my constant sinus headaches.  I also had lower back arthritis pain, which he was able to help me with. But he also helped to bring a degree of calmness into my life.  Being a woman in her last 60’s, I will tell you it is never too late to seek help from Acupuncture. I know other people who have tried Acupuncture without any positive results but Dr. Ryan’s treatments will definitely change your life for the better. I also had a blocked carotid artery that was 70% blocked, the second year, while seeing Dr. Ryan, it dropped to 50%.  This last test (August 2016) showed that the blockage is clearly gone to my surgeon’s amazement.  Miracles do happen with Dr. Ryan’s treatment.

JO, Wesley Chapel

Your Acupuncture Sessions Have Changed My Life

Hi Ryan

I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me over this past 6 months.

I was very skeptical that your type of acupuncture could actually help me.   I was in a very dark place and it was affecting both my family and my professional life.  I felt my only option was to go with the typical route of being prescribed medication to deal with my depression.   Then something told me to explore alternate options.

Thank God I listened to my inner voice and made the appointment to come see you. On my drive home after our first session,  I felt the darkness lifting and I was starting to feel human again.   I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing.   My family also saw a dramatic change in my attitude.   And with each additional session, I’m getting better and better, to the point where I am back in control.

Your acupuncture sessions have changed my life and I am truly grateful for everything you have done.



Dr. Ryan is the light guiding me

Where do I begin?  It should be mandatory for people to experience Classical Five Element Acupuncture.  I want to share this with anyone that has any doubt.

I went to see Dr. Ryan for help in accepting myself and others.   I did have pain, but that was not as important to me as learning acceptance.

I am recently divorced, living home with my parents.  Yikes!!!  Jobless, angry and depressed I found my life stressful, snapping at anyone that talked to me, little or no patience, despair with no light in sight.  OR SO I THOUGHT……………………..

I did find work and lucky me, in the same complex as Dr. Ryan.  My first session was cleansing for me.  I cried.  It was as if I released so much baggage.  I am ashamed to say I had hate in my heart for one particular person in my life which is now totally gone and replaced with tolerance.  My second session I cried on my way home because I felt a hint of joy or what could be called happiness in my heart.  My third session I felt peace and calmness.  My mom says I glow when I get home from a session and that I seem calm and happy.

As for the pain?  I have had serious pain in my legs for about 10 years making it difficult to walk.  My ex would complain no matter where we went or what we did I put a damper on the event because of the pain I would be in.  Shopping?  No way.  Sightseeing?  Forget it.  But now, after 3 sessions, my legs feel good and I am able to walk around without the burning pain.

Dr. Ryan is the light guiding me.  He is a beautiful spirit with a genuine gift, changing lives one person at a time.


Wesley Chapel Neighbor

My Sincere Thanks to Dr Ryan Chu

My name is Antoaneta, 59 years old, from Bulgaria.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer, followed by surgery, radiation, chemotherapy.  One year ago the PET CT scan showed damage on my liver and MRI examination found lesion – early metastasis.

I was blessed to meet Dr Ryan Chu.  He has treated me with genuine compassion and he is gentle, patient in taking care of me as a unique human being.

He use his analytical mind and knowledge and through observation and pulse reading he determined what is imbalance.

The treatment with Classical Five Element Acupuncture is oriented to (addressing) the original source of imbalance in the body, not just the symptoms.

The session is one hour and Dr Ryan is entirely devoted to you.

With some changes in my lifestyle and his treatments I feel much better.  My energy level improve, I sleep well, have regular bowel movements, the swelling (in my arm) is gone, even my arthritis pain for so many years went down, I enjoy the life.

Thank you so much!

With love,


Great Success with MS of 24 Years


Let me start off by saying that I have suffered from MS for 24 years now. Over time, my legs have weakened from the disease to the point where I have not been able to any type of physical exercise at all. I was skeptical at first to try acupuncture, but have been willing to try new treatments at least once. I have been seeing Ryan for almost 5 months now and just recently have found great success. I just started walking on a treadmill. Four years ago I tried this, but was unable to complete a quarter mile even at the slow speed of 1.8. Over the last 2 weeks, I have improved to 2 total miles at a speed of 2.8. I don’t do the total distance all at once, but am thrilled to get some physical activity back into my life after all these years. So far good progress and  will continue to use Classical Acupuncture Healing.

Bruce D.

Wesley Chapel, Fl

Problem Solving Skills Restored

I had been having issues concentrating and problem solving for months. I am a programmer so this meant that I was unable to do my job for I did not have the brain power to do so.
I soon fell behind, way behind, on all of the more difficult work.  I was terrified that I may have to change professions. If I can’t concentrate and solve difficult problems then I could no longer help my customers.
I explained my problems to Ryan and after a few sessions my concentration and problem solving skills started to improve. My cognitive skills are now better than ever.
I am very grateful to Ryan.
RG, Tampa

Dr. Chu is Knowledgeable, Attentive, and Thorough. I am Hooked!

I’ve never had acupuncture before and it was suggested to me for a few health issues. I was impressed by Dr. Ryan’s knowledge and attentiveness during our initial phone call so I decided to give it a try. He practices a unique type of acupuncture that requires much more training than the standard practitioner gets, and it shows! One year later and I am hooked! I couldn’t be happier with the experience and ongoing results from my treatments. Ryan always knows how to treat my complaints, takes his time and explains everything thoroughly. I highly suggest trying him for acupuncture over anyone else in the area. I am confident you will feel as safe in his care as I do!


C.B. Wesley Chapel

Best Help Ever

I have known Dr. Ryan Chu since 13 or 14 Years. My neighbor was treated by Dr.Ryan and she sent me to him when I suffered a severe backache. My back was so sore , any way I moved I could scream because of pain. My husband had to tie my shoes, there was no way I could do that. So I got to Dr. Ryan, he did acupuncture on me and one hour later I walked out of his office pain free. My husband and my neighbors were in shock when they saw me. I have been going for maintenance and feel great, never another back attack. This week I had a bad knee and I headed for Dr. Ryan. He treated me and in the afternoon my energy level was up form a 2 to a 9 and my knee was manageable , the swelling went down. Later I walked normal on grass even and I have to thank Dr. Ryan for it. I can highly recommend him to anyone with a problem. We do not need all the poison of the drugs in our bodies.

Renate Jaeger

A Gift to the World

Dr. Ryan,

You are bringing an amazing gift to the world with Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. I am elated to be working with you as sessions with you is the beginning of a journey- a journey of healing and growth. You embody the spirit of care, compassion, passion and wisdom. During my consultation, I expressed all of my Menopausal concerns and was asked to priority them. First priority was hot flashes and night sweats, next were weight gain, energy and libido.

After checking my pulses and asking a few questions, Dr. Ryan was immediately able to diagnosis my element as “Fire” and advised Yin and Yang were not balanced. In conjunction with treatments, and diet I was given an herb for cooling my body temperature and the results are phenomenal. I experienced immediately elimination of hot flashes and night sweats, increased energy level from low to high, decreased mood swings, sleeping improved and overall feeling of happiness and peace. Remarkable results after two treatments.

I have always believed in healing through Acupuncture however Classical Five Element Acupuncture is transformational and having a profound effect in areas of my life that I did not know it addressed. I was overwhelmed with homework as well as experiencing anxiety over having to do a presentation. In addition, I was also in the process of moving. Dr. Ryan’s true gift of intuition, checking the pulses and questioning led to where the tension was being held and he released it. It enables me to remove stuck/stagnate emotional energy from my body, which is resulting in me feeling freer, clearer, creative, balanced and energetic. I was able to complete all of my homework and anxiety around presenting was released. That is a huge break through for me and all released in one treatment.

I have never left a session with you from which I did not feel remarkable better physically, emotionally, spiritually and well-educated on how to continue the healing process. My energy is always better and my spirit is being renewed.

I look forward to my sessions with Dr. Ryan and very thankful for the work “You” do. I know that my time and investments in Five-Element Acupuncture will continue to build the foundation needed to continue my healing.

– Karen Friend

Dr. Ryan Chu is knowledgeable, professional, very personable and his treatments are effective

I had never given any thought to acupuncture until my friend/neighbor Dianne told me about Dr. Ryan (as she calls him!) and the Classical Five Element Acupuncture treatments she had been getting.   She described the treatments as giving her a sense of well-being, peacefulness and it also increased her energy level.   So, I decided to give it a try.

At the first session, Dr. Ryan takes time (2 hours) to learn about you and to determine your element.  He explained to me some of the complexities of the treatment in an easy to understand manner.  He is very knowledgeable, calm, gentle and very easy to talk to.

After my first treatment, the heaviness I came in with was lifted.  I felt free and rather euphoric. Each visit promises something new as the treatments are based on the individual need that week.  He has helped me with carpal tunnel, stress release and knee pain.   I always feel a sense of balance and harmony after treatments.  Whenever I leave his office, my cheeks are always rosy!

He has given me some great advice about a rare skin disease I have and he told me about a natural remedy which cleared the rash in 3 days!  He has also recommended some books for me which I am finding very informational.

Dr. Ryan Chu is knowledgeable, professional, very personable and his treatments are effective.  I am extremely thankful that I met Ryan and I highly recommend him if you have any unresolved, persistent issues.  He is the BEST!    Thank you Ryan for all you have done for me!

Kathy Appell


Ryan Has Improved The Quality Of My Life

My wife recommended that I make an acupuncture appointment with Ryan to help me with my back pain.  My back had been hurting since I was a kid and I have had 2 back surgeries as an adult.

After a few sessions I began to see gradual improvement with normal acupuncture treatment. With my permission, Ryan decided to go with a more spiritual and traditional Chinese acupuncture approach, Five Elements treatment.

The Five Elements treatments have been awesome.  I feel amazing.  Ryan has improved my quality of my life.  I always feel better after seeing him!

Ryan is a wonderful person and a great acupuncturist. I highly recommend him and the Five Elements treatment.


Dr. Ryan Has Completely Changed Our Lives

I started going to Dr. Ryan for weight loss and stress.  I didn’t know how traditional acupuncture (Classical Five Element Acupuncture) would help with my issues, but I was open to the process.  I began to feel a difference even after the first treatment.  I started resolving issues that has been holding me back for many, many years.  I have made substantial changes in my life that I thought were impossible before.  My stress level has been greatly reduced and I’m currently down 4 pant(s) size.  Because of my vast changes in such as short period, I’ve referred my husband for treatment too.  Even though my husband was very skeptical at first, he has since acknowledged that this type of acupuncture works and started resolving his own issues.  Dr. Ryan and his acupuncture treatment has completely changed our lives.

DB, Wesley Chapel FL

I Am Feeling Better Overall

I didn’t have any serious illnesses when I went to see Dr. Chu. I just wanted to feel better and deal with some minor hemorrhoids and acid reflux. The day after my visit, I was surprised that all my physical ailments had disappeared and I was feeling more happy and energetic than I had in a long time. I have noticed a steady decline in my health and resilience over the past decade or so that I just chalked up to getting older, but after each visit with Dr. Chu, I’m feeling younger and younger.

Daniel M., Sarasota


Classical Five Element Acupuncture Is The Best For Me

I have been going to Ryan Chu for acupuncture for the last year.  When I first started going to him it was for back pain from Osteoarthritis and bulging disks in my lumbar area of my back.    Ryan Chu  has also treated me for insomnia, fatigue, and most recently for depression.   I am very happy with the progress I have made with my health without having to use prescription drugs.

In the past I have been treated by other acupuncturists, the Five Element Acupuncture method he uses has been the best method of acupuncture for me and I would heartily recommend his compassionate services for everyone.


Pamela Betts

An Eye-Opening Revelation

After suffering years of pain & discomfort with no relief, I was advised to try Acupuncture. At first I was skeptical, although after a few sessions I could tell there were benefits so I kept at it. Then Ryan Chu introduced me to the Five Element technique, I noticed a complete shift in my overall being immediately after my first treatment!  I always knew that something within was not right and my body was letting me know in a myriad of ways (emotionally off-balance, unhappy, physical pain, etc.) however during the Five Element sessions I could feel the changes within and clearly see how far I’ve come back to being evenly balanced to my true nature.  I am extremely thankful for Ryan Chu’s patience, his willingness to share his knowledge of the Elements in general and specifically how they relate to me & my own Element. The entire experience has truly been an eye-opening revelation in my quest for natural healing. Thank you Ryan!

5Element enthusiast,


I Believe in Dr. Ryan

I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan to any of my family and friends.  I started seeing Dr. Ryan for the pain in my neck caused by two bulging discs.  Due to the pain I was experiencing, I had been treated by a chiropractor for months with no results so I had an MRI done which indicated that the problem was two bulging discs.  From that point I had physical therapy three times per week for a couple of months. Nothing alleviated my pain until I saw Dr. Ryan.  It wasn’t overnight but I felt better and better after each session, which also brought to light other deep issues that I also had.  Dr. Ryan seeks to help each patient experience complete healing inside and out.  I can say as a Christian, I had reservations about acupuncture but what I have experienced has been wonderful.  Not only do I have zero pain now for the first time in a long time, I feel very calm about other areas in my life.  Ryan has had this effect on me.  My husband has a ruptured disc and a herniated disc, which really required surgery but my husband would not agree.  He has spent YEARS in pain.  After the very first visit with Dr. Ryan, the pain on his right side caused by his sciatica was completely gone.  He has since asked himself WHY he waited so many years to get relief.  I would never have believed this could be possible if I had not experienced it myself personally as well as witnessed it with my husband. In addition, now both of my adult children are seeing Dr. Ryan for their separate symptoms.  Ryan is one of the kindest, most gentle people that I have ever met and I highly recommend him.

Barbara Huchro

Satisfaction And Calmness Throughout My Mind and Body

My family has always taken the “natural” approach to healthcare. We do not take any medications, not even aspirin for a headache.  So, I think it was only natural for me to start getting acupuncture done.  I have tried the “modern” method of acupuncture, but it is only now with Classical Five Element Acupuncture do I notice the immediate improvements in my body.  I look forward to my appointments each time because I have an overall feeling of satisfaction and calmness throughout my mind and body.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in Wesley Chapel, which is reasonably close to Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Zephyrhills, Odessa, Tampa, Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Spring Hill, San Antonio