Our Acupunture Philosophy

Our acupuncture philosophy is rooted in the belief that to truly heal, one would need to address the true, underlying cause because it is only by this approach can transformation happen.

The modern-day perception of health is when there is an absence of negative physical symptoms.  This perception aims only to eliminate what is unwanted, rather than focusing on what is truly desired: achieving perfect balance, vitality, and alignment with your core. We believe that to achieve true health on all levels, one must move out of the mindset that apparent negative symptoms must be eradicated at all costs.  Instead, we need to realize that all physical symptoms, no matter how unpleasant or excruciating they may seem, are actually distress signals, cries from within, that exist only to draw one’s attention to a deeper issue. If one wishes to truly solve the issue, one must address the root cause that is creating the symptoms, not merely the symptoms themselves.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture is unique among all healing systems because of its understanding of nature and its cycles and rhythms, and its ability to help one “re-align.”  These cycles and rhythms create balance and harmony among all of the living things on Earth.  Because we are very much a part of nature, the health of one’s mind, body, and spirit is determined to a large degree by how harmonious a person is with the natural ebb and flow of nature.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture gives its practitioner the knowledge and ability to help anyone reach their full potential because its focus is on how to best help a person align with their essential nature.  So much of the suffering that we experience is due to mis-alignment and by having the ability to address one’s essence, Classical Five Element Acupuncture can help anyone heal by bringing each person back into alignment.
We are conveniently located in Wesley Chapel, which is reasonably close to Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Zephyrhills, Odessa, Tampa, Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Spring Hill, San Antonio